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5 Things You Won’t Find in A Crossfit Box

Everyone is familiar with the “Globo Gym”. I was a member at one of the major chains (though I went maybe a 5 months total over 6 years) and I don’t miss it one bit. This is due largely in part to things you WON’T find in a Crossfit Box (gym). So if you don’t like the idea of the traditional gym, here’s what you won’t find at your local box…

Photo by David Christian

World War Fit in Allen, TX


Crossfit is about doing work, not flexing for the mirror. And for those of you who claim to use the mirror to “check your form”, that’s what the certified coaches and fellow athletes do for you at every workout. No mirror needed.

Machine Weights

There is a picture in our box with the caption, “We don’t use machines, we make them”. You aren’t going to find rows of weight machines, cable pulls, leg press machines, ab machines, treadmills, or spin cycles. About the only machine you will find is a rowing machine, and you’ll wish it wasn’t there the first time you have to row for 1,000 meters.

We have barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and pull up racks. You’ll also find a couple of ropes hanging from the ceiling, some Olympic rings, and wooden boxes of various heights. Then it gets weird. Kegs (not full of liquid happiness, however), sledge hammers, and tractor tires. These are the tools of the trade. When it comes to exercise, Crossfit goes basic with a lot of bodyweight movements, gymnastics (handstands, rings), and things like push ups, sit ups, rope climbs, squats, bench presses, burpees, and anything else that will exhaust you more efficiently than you ever thought possible.


Ladies, if you’re here to meet guys, you’re going to have to impress them with your snatch. It’s an Olympic lift! Stop it. Okay, and also with how well you can clean. You are going to sweat. This isn’t a fashion show. By the time you are done, you will look your worst.

We grind. We sweat. We get dirty.

Lines for Equipment

The workouts are planned and we do them as a group. There isn’t going to be 6 people in line waiting for the leg extension machine. There may be three people at a bench, but you’re working in rotation as a group. Spotting for each other. Changing each other’s weights. When you’re not lifting, you’re assisting and resting for a couple of minutes. But your whole group will be done with all their sets in 15 minutes or less because you work, not visit.

World War Fit in Allen, TX

Jacob at World War Fit in Allen, TX

Happy Hour

When I was working out at Globo Gym, it was amazing to see how long it took someone to finish with a piece of equipment. This was due in large part to the fact that half the people were there more for social hour than to sweat. It was happy hour without the alcohol. When you hit the box, there is time for talking before and after the workout, but for that 60 minutes, you work.

You will be talking about proper form, or how to get that last rep. But your weekend plans, or who broke up with who will have to wait until work time is over. Crossfit is one of the most social things you will do, but you bond over the work first and everything else after class.

Results Happen

One of the reasons Crossfit has been able to help so many people make drastic changes isn’t because they’ve discovered something new. It’s because they’ve gone back to basics. If you’ve tried a traditional gym and gotten nowhere, give Crossfit a try.

The movements may be old school, but they will challenge you no matter your level of fitness. At the same time, they are scalable. You CAN succeed at Crossfit whether your an elite athlete or an out-of-shape Grandmother but you have to be ready to commit to hard work.

What is one thing you didn’t like about your Globo Gym?