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Get Your Free Graze Box of Healthy Snacks!

Healthy snacking is one of the hardest parts of dieting. Snacking when you don’t care what goes in your face is easy. Cookies, cake, candy, chips, and the list goes on. Finding healthy alternatives can be much more difficult. Broccoli pops just don’t sound as good as cake pops.
*insert sound of dry heave

A group of seven friends once thought the same thing. But they started a company around their solution and founded


Graze is a healthy snack company founded on the principles of creativity, great taste, balanced nutrition, top-grade ingredients, and convenience. Graze is a snack subscription service that functions somewhat like Pandora. Yeah, that’s a weird sentence. Stay with me here.

Trying It Out

The good folks at Graze sent me a free box (great idea, because I would have never ordered this). It wasn’t in exchange for a favorable review, they’ll send ANYONE a free box. I had to enter my payment info for the subscription, but unlike that music club you joined in high school as a minor to get 100 CDs for a penny, Graze makes it easy to unsubscribe. And they don’t throw rocks at you when you do.

There are a LOT of choices including over 90 different options. I don’t need that kind of pressure, so I let them choose for me. Here are the four selections they sent me:


First of all, I hate Pistachios, but these were good. I ate them.

If angels made cotton candy and dipped it in unicorn tears before rolling it in rainbows, it would taste like the Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl. *still drooling

The Brooklyn Bites were good, but average.

The Wholegrain Banana Caramel Dippers are a mouth party by themselves.

The Pandora of Treats

Now this is where the service is like Pandora. When you receive your order, go back to the site. You can see in the picture below that there are boxes under each item you received in your order. By selecting each one, you are telling Graze what you want more of and what you never want again. Here’s what the buttons do:


Trash: Never send this
Try: Happy to try
Like: Send occasionally
Love: Send regularly

I selected Love for the berries, Like for the dippers, and Trash for the others.

Go Crazy or Control Calories

There are two types of box selections. The nibblebox allows you to “choose from over 90 of the tastiest nibbles including wholemeal banana shortbread dippers with caramel sauce, chilli and honey almonds, and our pure fruit and nut mixes.” The caloriecounterbox has selections from “over 50 snacks that contain no more than 150 calories per serving.”

When you receive your box, a custom printed card shows the nutritional value for each item. These are packaged as single servings so they are easy to take with you.


Each box is $6. The box I received had 4 selections, so that works out to $1.50 each. The cost of the box includes shipping. You can set up the frequency of the delivery schedule or put it on hold if you need too. They make it easy and quick. I hadn’t planned on keeping a subscription, but after trying this box, I haven’t canceled it yet. Sneaky marketers.

The Deal

You can get your first box free with this link. If you order through that link, your 1st box and your 5th box is completely free. If 3 people order, I get one free, then $1 off for each order after that. There is something in it for both of us! After you order, they extend the same offer to you.


Pictures of the actual products I received to show quality and freshness


What is your favorite healthy snack?