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Staying Motivated is Hard. Duh.

I’m less than eleven months into this journey to a healthier lifestyle. In that time, I’ve had some success and made some decent changes. I’ve also learned a lot.

Flickr image by Arya Ziai

Flickr image by Arya Ziai

Recently, questions have started coming my way about why and how I’ve done it. One recurring question is, “How do you stay motivated?” After numerous attempts to lose weight over the last fifteen years, I understand that this is often the hardest part.

While it seems simple on the surface, it’s actually a complicated question. I didn’t realize this until I tried writing a response. As I began this article, it rapidly grew out of control. It’s been about three weeks since I started this because of that. Rather than create one book-length article, I decided to break it up into several (or more) posts.

Today I’ll give you the 10,000 foot view and outline what we’ll be discussing over the next month or so. Your first step is to go over to the sidebar to the right and scroll all the way up (or down if you’re on a mobile device). There you will find a box to enter your email address to receive updates automatically. You’ll also be first to know of upcoming projects and/or other goodies in the future.

Motivation is Temporary

Thinking about what motivates me brought me to a realization. Motivation is dynamic, not static. What motivates you to get started will probably be different than what keeps you going six months from now. For me, there are a couple of things that are still true from day one, but more has changed than remained the same.

One of my primary goals was to lose weight. And I did. 63lbs in about 9 months. Losing weight is still a goal because I’m not where I want to be. However, it’s no longer my primary goal or motivation. Right now I’m interested in getting stronger. To meet that goal, I am working on changing how I eat. Just like I had to learn how to eat for fat loss, now I’m learning how to eat for muscle gain. I wish I’d known 11 months ago what I am learning now, because the two can actually be combined. And that is my ultimate goal and motivation.

Truth be told, I’ve gained about 7lbs in the last few weeks. I’m okay with that because I’ve also made progress in my lifts. Once my body adapts I’m sure I’ll start to drop weight again. It will be slower because I’ll be adding more muscle (hopefully) and getting stronger. I also know that it will take a couple of months to dial in my diet and macros, so I’m fine with a little weight gain in the process.

Flickr image by oklanica

Flickr image by oklanica

Stick Around. There’s More To Come.

We just touched on several topics there. Did you see it? We talked about changes in motivation, changing your diet, and creating goals. All of these are future topics currently being outlined.

We’ll also be discussing things in this series including:

  • How to get started
  • Your first 3 months
  • Facing your current reality
  • How to set goals (big project planned here)
  • Changing your mindset
  • Why you need to be properly hydrated
  • The power of community
  • Keeping a balance through it all

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Before You Go

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