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Evernote and Post-It Note Rule the World

When it comes to gathering random data, Post-It notes have no equal. Think about how much gets written on post-its every day around the world. Thankfully, these little sheets aren’t connected to the web, so the NSA isn’t reading our notes. Evernote is helping to change that (not, really..stay with me here).

If you’re one of those that thinks the government, or worse, big corporations are gathering every detail of our lives, you can go ahead and click here. Everyone else take a quick view of Steve Dotto’s video about how Post-It and Evernote have joined forced to link the two products.

If you don’t have an Evernote account yet, you can get one here. To learn more about what Evernote does and why you should use it, check out this list of articles by Michael Hyatt.

Source LifeHack

How do you keep up with your Post-It Notes?

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