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Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower

You’ve probably been right in the middle of a nice long, warm shower when you had a great idea. Of course, in the shower, there is nowhere to write it down. And nothing to write with. By the time you get out of the shower, it’s gone. Drives me crazy!

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I used to have the same problem at random times of the day. Great idea, nothing to write with or on. That is why I know carry a pocket notebook, or at least my phone. Even if I can’t write, my phone can take a voice memo. It’s a great way not to lose an idea.

But what about in the shower?

This began happening to me so often that I actually ordered bathtub markers so I could write on the walls! Now we’ve moved and my shower doesn’t have a surface I can write on…but my phone IS waterproof…

Brainy Science Stuff

It turns our there is a lot of research that explains exactly why we have creative ideas in the shower (among other places). Leo Widrich wrote a fascinating article that explain why this happens. You’ll also learn how to capture those creative ideas, and how to create an environment where the ideas and creativity can flow more freely.

When do most of your creative thoughts appear and how do you catch them?

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