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About Me

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’m David. By the end of 2013, I’d had enough. I was finally tired of being fat. I wasn’t heavy, thick, or carrying a few extra pounds. I was fat. Still am. But not as much.

Taken Fall 2013 at about 278 lbs, down from my high of 283.3#

I started my weight loss journey again on January 6th, 2014. Like almost everyone that has tried to lose weight, I have failed as many times as I’ve started. Hopefully, this time will be different. Maybe a little public accountability will help. “From chunk to hunk” is definitely a stretch, but it made me giggle, so I went with it. Don’t expect this to turn into a modeling portfolio…

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My Biography

I am married to my beautiful wife of almost 18 years and we have one sweet puppy dogs (a yellow lab) that I’m sure you’ll see on this site from time to time, and the most perfect little boy who will be two years old in December. My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration and I have MBAs in Corporate Finance and Healthcare Management.

My bucket list includes things such as writing a book, designing my own home, and celebrating 50 years of marriage. The last one may prove the toughest as it isn’t easy being married to me! Many kudos to my wife.

My Contact Info:

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My Professional Background

I have several jobs, both paid and volunteer, that keep me rather busy. One of my favorites is being a writer. By day I work for a dental products manufacturer as Director of Marketing and a handful of other jobs. Each day is different, sometimes wildly different. By night I fight crime (not really), write, dabble in technology consulting, coach for Eat to Perform, and, until recently, served on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit. There is never any shortage of things to be done.

One path I never expected to travel when starting this fitness journey was to be a coach. However, in August of 2015 I earned my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer’s certificate. Still very surreal.

This is my personal site where I am going to write about my journey to finally lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. I have many varied interests, so there may also be the occasional random topic thrown in because I am the supreme publisher of this site and I can get away with it (laughs maniacally).

My aim for this site is to share the stuff that goes through my head as I fight to stay on course. There will be good days and bad. I’ll also be providing some details on my progress, goals, nutrition, and other fitness related items.

Stick around and enjoy. Maybe you’ll get a little something out of it, too.