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Protein Pancakes with Sugar Free Syrup – Kodiak Cakes

With the new year starting today, I decided it’d be a good time to change up my meal plan and add in some pancakes!

I’ve tried several versions of this recipe before coming up with what’s probably the simplest of the bunch.

1 serving is made up of 1/2 cup Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes and 1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk.

I use Silicone Egg Rings to make the pancakes. One serving fits perfectly into 3 of the rings making a nice stack of small pancakes. To keep calories and sugar down, I use Maple Grove Farms Low Calorie Sugar Free Syrup. I can’t tell the difference between this and regular syrup.


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Schwinn Airdyne Bike on Sale!

If you want to really hurt your body (aka get in shape) in the new year, the Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike is on sale for $439.99. That’s a great price.

The Airdyne Exercise Bike is simply smart. Wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the higher the resistance becomes. The console is designed to show key data all at once, and it has a unique RevMeter RPM gauge that’s perfect for interval training. The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Bike is a must-have cardio machine for any home gym.


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If you buy something featured here, I might receive an affiliate commission.

How to Hack Your Car’s Features with the Carista OBD2 App

I recently bought a car to replace the one that died a couple of weeks ago. While doing my nerd-level research I came across a few videos of the same car but with the ability to use the smart key to roll down the windows.

Further investigation led me to software that allows you to get into your car’s computers to change settings. It looked ridiculously complicated and it was EXPENSIVE. Then I found a link to a device that worked with an app on your phone and it looked much easier.

Enter the Carista OBD2 device and accompanying app. The app is free while the device is around $39.99 on Amazon at time of writing. You’ll be able to run diagnostics and see available customizations, but to save any changes, you’ll need a subscription. This in-app purchase comes in at $39.99 per year or $9.99 for a week. I planned to get in make my changes and be done so I bought the one week option.

This video gives a quick run through of how to install the device and use the app.

Now my windows work on remote which is great since my car sits just outside my office door. I can roll them down a few minutes before I leave work or roll them up from inside if I leave them down and it starts raining. Yep…last year my interior of my previous car got HOSED during a big storm.

You can order the device on Amazon and check your vehicle’s capabilities on the Carista website. Get the app for iOS or Android with these links.


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If you buy something featured here, I might receive an affiliate commission.

Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower

You’ve probably been right in the middle of a nice long, warm shower when you had a great idea. Of course, in the shower, there is nowhere to write it down. And nothing to write with. By the time you get out of the shower, it’s gone. Drives me crazy!

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Flickr image by Álvaro Alonso

I used to have the same problem at random times of the day. Great idea, nothing to write with or on. That is why I know carry a pocket notebook, or at least my phone. Even if I can’t write, my phone can take a voice memo. It’s a great way not to lose an idea.

But what about in the shower?

This began happening to me so often that I actually ordered bathtub markers so I could write on the walls! Now we’ve moved and my shower doesn’t have a surface I can write on…but my phone IS waterproof…

Brainy Science Stuff

It turns our there is a lot of research that explains exactly why we have creative ideas in the shower (among other places). Leo Widrich wrote a fascinating article that explain why this happens. You’ll also learn how to capture those creative ideas, and how to create an environment where the ideas and creativity can flow more freely.

When do most of your creative thoughts appear and how do you catch them?

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If you buy something featured here, I might receive an affiliate commission.

Why MyFitnessPal Should Charge a Fee

Knowing how much you are eating is an important part of a good exercise and nutrition plan. This is made simpler with a nutrition tracking program, the most popular of which is MyFitnessPal (MFP). Recent changes and the addition of a premium service have been a little controversial according to online discussions I’ve read. While many are not happy, let me tell you why this is a good idea.


Previous Limitations Of MyFitnessPal

Keeping track of your macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and total calories is important if your goal is to lose fat, add muscle, or even maintain your current weight. When you know what you’re eating you can make modifications to achieve your goals. Read more

My Fear Of Going Weeks Without Heavy Lifting

For those of you that are into Crossfit, you’re well aware that we are in the midst of the Open. About two weeks before the Open started, our box changed programming and cut back on heavy lifting days so we wouldn’t be broken down at the end of the week when we had to do the Open workouts. This has produced some mixed feelings (for me…I can’t speak for others).


Pick Up Heavy Things. Put Them Down

I like lifting heavy. Makes me want to grunt and wear a loin cloth (but I can’t afford another citation for that for 22 more months…kidding). Cutting back on heavy lifting to be in good shape for the weekend makes sense. We’ve all had those Friday and Saturday workouts where we were too spent from giving so much Monday through Thursday, which is NOT what you want if you’re competing on the weekend. I get it. Moderate volume during the week to be able to go HAM in the Open. Read more

My Open 15.1 Nightmare (Prediction)

Of course nobody has any idea what the Open 15.1 workout will look like, but it’s fun to throw out “what ifs”. I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

My guess it that it will be “The Mirror”.

The bane of our existence as Crossfitters is last year’s 14.5 with no time cap. Thrusters and burpees. Awful. It looked like this:


How awful would it be if 15.1 was the mirror workout of this. Meaning:

3 Thrusters / 3 Burpees
6 Thrusters / 6 Burpees
9 Thrusters / 9 Burpees
12 Thrusters / 12 Burpees
15 Thrusters / 15 Burpees
18 Thrusters / 18 Burpees
21 Thrusters / 21 Burpees

The Logic

Why would this happen? The first workout of the Open is often a couplet (two paired movements). This is the worst of them all. And what better way to open the Open than just reversing the order as if it was a mirror image of the final workout of last year’s Open. Sick, huh? Well…that sounds like Dave Castro. Read more

Well That’s Something I Never Thought I’d Do

Yesterday I did something that I never thought I’d do. In fact, it wasn’t something I’d ever thought about doing, it just kinda happened. I went to an audition for a commercial. The thought of me as a model/actor is hilarious. But hey, why not? The last year has seen me do a lot of things I never thought I’d do so why not add to the tally.

The Crossfit gym where it went down. Sprinting around those boxes was involved.

The Crossfit gym where it went down. Sprinting around those boxes was involved.

Of course everyone there looked like a fitness model except me. I looked like I was there for a Dunkin Donuts ad compared to the rest of the group. But as my friend Tina who also went said, “It doesn’t matter if I’m chosen; what matters is I walked into that gym with actors and models and still felt like a million bucks!”

While we weren’t given any details other than Reebok is looking for CrossFitters and runners, I’m sure the ad is part of their new Be More Human campaign. It’s marketing genius. Regular people, not professional athletes, working out to be better at life, not just fitness. It’s about why we grind day in and day out. Most of us will never be elite athletes but we want to be healthier, more capable, and generally better humans. Read more

Why You Deserve To Fail

Failing sucks. Raise your hand if you plan to fail at something today. Consciously or unconsciously, you probably go out of your way to avoid failure. Somewhere in our development we learned that it’s a bad thing. Forget everything you know and let’s find out why that’s a blatant lie.

Flickr image by Celestine Chua

Flickr image by Celestine Chua

Fear of Failure

Fear is the biggest reason we avoid failure, which isn’t always a bad thing. Fear tells me not to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. That’s a rational fear because the consequences of failure are significant, whereas the payoff is negligible. Fear becomes a bad thing when we allow it to hold us back from trying things that we’re interested in. Read more

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