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Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

Most of us reach the point where we wonder why we do what we do. Why do we spend so much of our limited free time and energy exercising? It’s time away from our families and tending to the numerous responsibilities of daily life. Reebok is about to launch a new initiative that aims to help us answer these questions.


There was an article recently in Boxlife Magazine titled “9 Odd Things That Happen When You Start Crossfit“. Everyone of them is true, but I particularly like the first one: Your fitness goals will change. Read more

Evernote and Post-It Note Rule the World

When it comes to gathering random data, Post-It notes have no equal. Think about how much gets written on post-its every day around the world. Thankfully, these little sheets aren’t connected to the web, so the NSA isn’t reading our notes. Evernote is helping to change that (not, really..stay with me here).

If you’re one of those that thinks the government, or worse, big corporations are gathering every detail of our lives, you can go ahead and click here. Everyone else take a quick view of Steve Dotto’s video about how Post-It and Evernote have joined forced to link the two products.

If you don’t have an Evernote account yet, you can get one here. To learn more about what Evernote does and why you should use it, check out this list of articles by Michael Hyatt.

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How do you keep up with your Post-It Notes?

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So I Didn’t Completely Fail in 2014

Today is January 9th, so if you made a resolution to get fit, you may actually still be on track. If so, keep going. If not, get on it NOW! You still have 97.5% of the year left. I started about this time last year (“Why I Started Crossfit”). My first Elements class (On-Ramp, whatever your Crossfit Box calls it) was on January 7th, so Wednesday was my one year anniversary. What a year it has been. The day before, on day 365, I completed my 150th workout!

Flickr image by Runar Eilertsen

Flickr image by Runar Eilertsen

I seriously doubted my ability to stay with it. I’d tried countless times before and never made it more than six weeks. The last year was supposed to be about weight loss. In retrospect, that became the secondary theme. If I had to pick a word to describe the past year, it would be “knowledge”. Here are a few of the things I learned.

The Number One Goal

Read more

Fitbit and Crossfit: How Do They Work Together?

One of the hottest gift this Christmas is the Fitbit. Earlier in the year I spent 30 days using a Fitbit Flex with Crossfit and wrote a review. If you recently got your new Fitbit, or are considering one, check out that review here.


How Your Diet can Make or Break You

What a difference a year can make! I thought I had my mind around how I needed to eat to achieve my goals, but the last 12 months have been a learning experience. If I only knew then what I know now!

Flickr image by oklanica

Flickr image by oklanica

The problem is, if you’d have tried to tell me back then, I’d have dismissed you. Only experience could show me how much diet can affect performance. My best lessons have been learned by accident. That’s probably how it needed to happen.

Before cleaning up my diet, I lived on fast food, soft drinks, and high carb foods. As you’d expect, losing weight meant giving most of that up and working out regularly. While that path got me to a point, I’m not sure I’d go the same route again if I was to start all over. However, like I said before, I probably wouldn’t have listened if you told me what I’m about to share.
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Is It Okay To Cheat?

One of the questions I get regularly is, “When is your cheat day”? My honest answer is, “Whenever I want”! I know a lot of people on a “diet” schedule a cheat day once per week. I don’t. I know, sounds self-righteous. Stay with me here.

Flickr image by Matt Hinsta

Flickr image by Matt Hinsta

My logic is simple: If I schedule a cheat day each week, I will eat bad one day every week. That is counterproductive to my goals so why would I do that? I know the answer is because it helps you stay on your diet the other six days knowing that a cheat day is coming up. Bull. Read more

Surviving The First 90 Days of Your Fitness Plan

Surviving The First 90 Days of Your Fitness Plan

You’ve made the decision to get in shape and made the commitment we discussed previously. Now it’s time to get started. Day one is the easy part, it’s the days after when it becomes more difficult to stay with it. Here are some tips on what you should focus on during your first 90 days.

Flickr image by  oklanica

Flickr image by oklanica

Build a Foundation

The natural temptation is to jump in and go all out on day one. I’m not saying you shouldn’t push yourself from the start, but there are right and wrong ways to go about it. We aren’t running a sprint here. The first 90 days are about building a strong foundation that will support the rest of your journey. Think tortoise and the hare… Read more

How To Get Started On Your Fitness Goals

How To Get Started On Your Fitness Goals

The new year is almost upon us. Two thirds of adults in the US set resolutions based around fitness. According to a Harris poll sponsored by, 73% give up before meeting their goal and nearly half gave up in the first six weeks. That was me for the last 15 years. Until 2014. So what changed and how can that help you?

Flickr image by adrian valenzuela

Flickr image by adrian valenzuela

After six months of eating right and exercising I realized I was in the best shape of my life. I wasn’t happy about it. That realization brought about another realization of how physically lazy and out of shape I’d always been. However, I also knew that I had only scratched the surface and the best was yet to come. I couldn’t change the past, but I could shape the future.

The First Step to Getting in Shape

This is going to seem obvious, but the first thing you have to do is decide to get in shape. Good news is that’s the easy part. It doesn’t take much to decide you want to lose 40lbs or whatever reason you have for making the decision. Read more

It’s Time To Turn This Train Around

It's Time To Turn This Train Around

So I’m kinda stuck. The tag line of the site still works (as satire at least), but the title and URL are no longer applicable. Why? Because this week, I started eating a second breakfast. Every day.

Flickr image by Dennis Matheson

Flickr image by Dennis Matheson

You may remember one of my first posts about how the name came to be. If not, take a hot minute to read it here. It’ll totally change your life and perspective on everything. I promise. (But no refunds). Short version is I caught myself one morning about to eat a second breakfast just because it was there and free. In that moment it occurred to me that my fatness (literary license taken) was due largely to constant bad decisions and laziness. It was also the point I knew things had to change. Read more

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