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Protein Pancakes with Sugar Free Syrup – Kodiak Cakes

With the new year starting today, I decided it’d be a good time to change up my meal plan and add in some pancakes!

I’ve tried several versions of this recipe before coming up with what’s probably the simplest of the bunch.

1 serving is made up of 1/2 cup Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes and 1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk.

I use Silicone Egg Rings to make the pancakes. One serving fits perfectly into 3 of the rings making a nice stack of small pancakes. To keep calories and sugar down, I use Maple Grove Farms Low Calorie Sugar Free Syrup. I can’t tell the difference between this and regular syrup.


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Why MyFitnessPal Should Charge a Fee

Knowing how much you are eating is an important part of a good exercise and nutrition plan. This is made simpler with a nutrition tracking program, the most popular of which is MyFitnessPal (MFP). Recent changes and the addition of a premium service have been a little controversial according to online discussions I’ve read. While many are not happy, let me tell you why this is a good idea.


Previous Limitations Of MyFitnessPal

Keeping track of your macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and total calories is important if your goal is to lose fat, add muscle, or even maintain your current weight. When you know what you’re eating you can make modifications to achieve your goals. Read more

My Fear Of Going Weeks Without Heavy Lifting

For those of you that are into Crossfit, you’re well aware that we are in the midst of the Open. About two weeks before the Open started, our box changed programming and cut back on heavy lifting days so we wouldn’t be broken down at the end of the week when we had to do the Open workouts. This has produced some mixed feelings (for me…I can’t speak for others).


Pick Up Heavy Things. Put Them Down

I like lifting heavy. Makes me want to grunt and wear a loin cloth (but I can’t afford another citation for that for 22 more months…kidding). Cutting back on heavy lifting to be in good shape for the weekend makes sense. We’ve all had those Friday and Saturday workouts where we were too spent from giving so much Monday through Thursday, which is NOT what you want if you’re competing on the weekend. I get it. Moderate volume during the week to be able to go HAM in the Open. Read more

How Your Diet can Make or Break You

What a difference a year can make! I thought I had my mind around how I needed to eat to achieve my goals, but the last 12 months have been a learning experience. If I only knew then what I know now!

Flickr image by oklanica

Flickr image by oklanica

The problem is, if you’d have tried to tell me back then, I’d have dismissed you. Only experience could show me how much diet can affect performance. My best lessons have been learned by accident. That’s probably how it needed to happen.

Before cleaning up my diet, I lived on fast food, soft drinks, and high carb foods. As you’d expect, losing weight meant giving most of that up and working out regularly. While that path got me to a point, I’m not sure I’d go the same route again if I was to start all over. However, like I said before, I probably wouldn’t have listened if you told me what I’m about to share.
Read more

Is It Okay To Cheat?

One of the questions I get regularly is, “When is your cheat day”? My honest answer is, “Whenever I want”! I know a lot of people on a “diet” schedule a cheat day once per week. I don’t. I know, sounds self-righteous. Stay with me here.

Flickr image by Matt Hinsta

Flickr image by Matt Hinsta

My logic is simple: If I schedule a cheat day each week, I will eat bad one day every week. That is counterproductive to my goals so why would I do that? I know the answer is because it helps you stay on your diet the other six days knowing that a cheat day is coming up. Bull. Read more

It’s Time To Turn This Train Around

It's Time To Turn This Train Around

So I’m kinda stuck. The tag line of the site still works (as satire at least), but the title and URL are no longer applicable. Why? Because this week, I started eating a second breakfast. Every day.

Flickr image by Dennis Matheson

Flickr image by Dennis Matheson

You may remember one of my first posts about how the name came to be. If not, take a hot minute to read it here. It’ll totally change your life and perspective on everything. I promise. (But no refunds). Short version is I caught myself one morning about to eat a second breakfast just because it was there and free. In that moment it occurred to me that my fatness (literary license taken) was due largely to constant bad decisions and laziness. It was also the point I knew things had to change. Read more

10 Snacks That Won’t Derail Your Diet

10 Snacks That Won't Derail Your Diet

Get Your Free Graze Box of Healthy Snacks!

Get Your Free Graze Box of Healthy Snacks!

Healthy snacking is one of the hardest parts of dieting. Snacking when you don’t care what goes in your face is easy. Cookies, cake, candy, chips, and the list goes on. Finding healthy alternatives can be much more difficult. Broccoli pops just don’t sound as good as cake pops.
*insert sound of dry heave

A group of seven friends once thought the same thing. But they started a company around their solution and founded


Graze is a healthy snack company founded on the principles of creativity, great taste, balanced nutrition, top-grade ingredients, and convenience. Graze is a snack subscription service that functions somewhat like Pandora. Yeah, that’s a weird sentence. Stay with me here. Read more

The Best Chimichurri Recipe You’ve Ever Had

The Best Chimichurri Recipe You've Ever Had

If you find yourself in Argentina ordering grilled meat, it’s going to be served with chimichurri. The first time I had it was at a couples cooking class (do it, those are so much fun and you’ll learn a ton) with an Argentinean theme. Grass fed Argentinean beef, Argentinean wine, and chimichurri.

I’ve NEVER put anything on my steak, especially nasty steak sauce, until I had this chimichurri. Even better? It’s not going to ruin your diet…unless you eat it on a bag of chips…which may be worth it.

Chimichurri is somewhat generic and flexible and can have different ingredients and consistencies by location. This is my favorite version.

Bonus: Print this recipe as a single page PDF by clicking here!



Yield: 5 cups Read more

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