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How to Hack Your Car’s Features with the Carista OBD2 App

I recently bought a car to replace the one that died a couple of weeks ago. While doing my nerd-level research I came across a few videos of the same car but with the ability to use the smart key to roll down the windows.

Further investigation led me to software that allows you to get into your car’s computers to change settings. It looked ridiculously complicated and it was EXPENSIVE. Then I found a link to a device that worked with an app on your phone and it looked much easier.

Enter the Carista OBD2 device and accompanying app. The app is free while the device is around $39.99 on Amazon at time of writing. You’ll be able to run diagnostics and see available customizations, but to save any changes, you’ll need a subscription. This in-app purchase comes in at $39.99 per year or $9.99 for a week. I planned to get in make my changes and be done so I bought the one week option.

This video gives a quick run through of how to install the device and use the app.

Now my windows work on remote which is great since my car sits just outside my office door. I can roll them down a few minutes before I leave work or roll them up from inside if I leave them down and it starts raining. Yep…last year my interior of my previous car got HOSED during a big storm.

You can order the device on Amazon and check your vehicle’s capabilities on the Carista website. Get the app for iOS or Android with these links.


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